So this is it. Our first blog. A venture into the unknown and we hope that our blog comes across OK.

Firstly, welcome! Throughout our blogs we will be sharing information, news and facts to keep you updated on our ventures throughout the UK and Europe, wherever we may end up. Want to know exactly what goes on behind the scenes of the North West’s leading courier company? Our blog will provide an insight into who we are, where we go, what we see and above all, what we plan to do in the future.

Ok. ‘ The North West’s leading courier company ‘. That’s quite a bold statement – so who are we then?

Leading is quite a strong word. Thankfully we can back up our claims with our numerous 5* reviews on different search engines. We are AA2B Couriers, a leading courier company based in Bolton, England specialising in the same / next day transport market. From humble beginnings we have grown to be trusted and recommended by many small to large businesses and also professionals in the public sector.
You may have seen our vans around, what do we actually move?
Well, we have a diverse client base and therefore are tasked with a diverse range of requests. With approximately 100 different clients across the North West and the UK, we are tasked with various requests. From exhibition materials collected in Bolton and delivered to Bournemouth, to laboratory equipment collected in Atherton and delivered to Aberdeen. We operate our same day courier service from our HQ in Bolton.
So, what makes us different than the rest then?
We believe that all businesses, big or small, have a responsibility to give back to their towns and the areas in which they operate. But we operate on a nationwide basis so how we can make a difference? Our vehicles have the latest clean Euro6 engines, reducing our emission levels; but this isn’t enough. We are actively offsetting our carbon emissions by planting a number of trees on a monthly basis. Worldwide. This is our eco commitment
What’s new for 2020?
We have the general election coming up shortly in a couple of weeks, and the Brexit fiasco continues to thunder on. Giving an uncertainty to businesses here in the UK. What is certain, is that AA2B Couriers will continue to provide unrivalled service, on clean low emission vehicles, satisfying our numerous clients throughout the UK.
Come on, there must be more??
You’re right. We will be starting the year qualified to transport hazardous and dangerous goods on our same day courier service throughout the UK and Europe. We will be ADR qualified and open to requests from 1 January 2020.
That’s all for now! Hopefully you have had a brief insight to who we are, and what we are aiming to achieve
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Thanks for reading!
Have a great week