Our Eco Commitment

We believe that all businesses big or small have a responsibility to give back where possible. Through our hard work, innovation and commitment, we have developed as a business both commercially and morally to a point where we are now in a position to do so. As of September 2019 we have officially commenced our effort to give back to the environment. To do this we will be offsetting our carbon emissions with the ultimate aim of being 100% carbon neutral.

How are AA2B making a difference to the environment

We have partnered with a leading eco company, ‘Mossy Earth’ who will be planting trees on our behalf. Their various projects take them across the whole of Europe, providing a vital resource to the local environment.

We believe that if more companies big or small did ‘their bit’ this would result in a huge ecological change. As a company we generate a lot of CO2 directly due to the amount of miles we cover. This is our way of giving back on behalf of all of our wonderful clients. Our trees planted now will provide a legacy for years to come; with AA2B Couriers, the courier company from humble beginnings providing an innovative response as we increase our presence, increase our miles driven and ultimately increase our carbon footprint. It is OUR RESPONSIBILITY to neutralise that for our future generations.

Initially we will be planting 4 trees per month ultimately resulting in a reduction of CO2 by
52 TONNES over the course of one year – Our first set of trees have been planted in Romania so eventually there will be a little part of
AA2B everywhere!